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This is the Legendary Grand Mosque of Xi'An! - When you talk about China, it is difficult to be able to associate it with Islam. Because China is a country that has the largest Buddhists in the world. So it's really strange to say that Islam has been in China for more than 13 centuries.

This statement is proven by the existence of the Great Mosque of Xi'An which still stands firm until now. Friends who have visited China, may have visited mosques which are very popular with tourists.

The Great Mosque of Xi'An was founded in 742 AD So if roughly counted, the mosque which all has Chinese architecture and ornaments has been established for more than 1300 years and still stands firm until now.

The interior of the Xi'An mosque reminds us of several mosques in the country that also have similar architecture. This mosque seems to be a witness if one of the bearers of Islamic culture in the form of building architecture is China. So it is strange that at present, China is actually one of the most opposed to Islam.

The Xi'An Mosque was built in the early Ming dynasty and then continued during the Qing dynasty. Although it looks very simple and is only built using a combination of rocks and wood, the Xi'An Mosque is one of the legendary mosques in China which is evident if Islamic culture has reached various corners of the world in the early 7th century.

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