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Cool! This Turkish Mosque Has Interior Murals Resembling Soothing Nature - The mosque is a place of worship of Muslims which is usually synonymous with large buildings with decorative calligraphy on the pillars or walls. Most mosques are usually brightly colored like white, yellow or light green.

But you know, there is a mosque in Turkey that has an interior with murals resembling the wild. Original.

Its name is Hamidiye Cami, a mosque in Kırşehir, Turkey. In contrast to mosques in general, this mosque is designed with the theme of the outdoors which makes anyone who prays in it like experiencing prayer in the wild.

The mosque's floor has made it cool. Instead of floors or ceramics, the floor of the Hamidiye Cami mosque uses a green carpet with brown separators resembling the color of the soil. This combination makes us feel like we are in a green pasture.

Most of the walls are also colored bright blue like the color of the sky. While at the top added with a picture of bright white clouds. There are even pictures of the trees too.

As a result the room around the mosque successfully displays the illusion of the outdoors with a blend of sky colors and pictures of trees. Cool, noisy.

This mosque is decorated with a variety of ornaments made of wood and bamboo that look simple but are so united in the nuances of a very beautiful nature. At the front of Imam Sholat's place, there is a very beautiful waterfall background with a combination of green, brown and blue.

It seems that the inspiration of the mosque's interior comes from the Koran which is related to the scenery or image of heaven which flows below it. For those of you who want to see the interior of the mosque more clearly, please refer to the following photo.

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