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Really? This Grand Mosque Can Float On Water? - Mosques are usually built on land or rocks. Never before have there been mosques built on water, lakes or rivers. But in Malaysia, you will find the most magical scenery ever.

There is a mosque floating on the water. Serious.

The name is the As-Salam Puchong Perdana Mosque, Malaysia ~ a mosque above the river. Cool, right? The mosque which was built since 2004 was indeed built on the Puchong Perdana river. More precisely it was built on the edge of the river. The construction costs are not half-hearted. About 10 billion Malaysian ringgit was poured to build this magnificent mosque.

The most amazing thing is when the mosque is photographed at night. The combination of the bluish sky color and the yellow light that emanated from the lights around the mosque's wall perfectly reflected the huge river below.

Masha Allah. The scenery is beautiful.

The optical illusion that is created looks very perfect. So if you are not observant, you will definitely think that the mosque that can accommodate around 4000 worshipers really floats on the water.

The interior design of the mosque is equally amazing. The all-white color arrangement with a combination of large columns makes the building more than 10 years old look very sturdy, and very majestic. So it's more comfortable and special for worship.

Well, for those of you who want to know what the interior of the Puchong Perdana Mosque looks like, please check the following picture 360.

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