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Complete biography of Imam Nawawi - The main key to Islamic teachings lies in two very fundamental things, namely Al-Quran and Al-Hadith. If the Koran has been guaranteed by Allah Almighty and will not change its contents until the Day of Judgment, then this is not the case with Al-Hadith.

Unlike the Al-Quran, Hadith which is a collection of words, actions and actions of friends who are sourced from Rasullullah Shallaalu Alaihi Wassalam enough to experience forgery due to the number of sources and pathways of transmission to one hadith.

To keep the ummah from practicing false hadiths and to ensure the validity of a hadith, these earlier scholars carried out a very detailed and detailed in-depth study to examine the hadith which numbered hundreds of thousands and summarized them into several books to group them into categories according to the problems of the ummah.

One of the great scholars of Muslims whose work is most widely used by Muslims throughout the world is Imam Nawawi. He has written 40 books and one of his most famous books is Arba'in An-Nawawi which contains 43 saheeh traditions which are the essence of Islamic teachings related to the problem of Aqidah, Sharia and Morals.

Biography of Imam Nawawi

Imam Nawawi has the real name Yahya Bin Syaraf, Bin Hasan Bin Husain. Because he came from an area called Nawa (ie a small village located in Damascus) then he was later nicknamed Al-Nawawi. And indeed it has become a custom for plainland people to use the name of a place instead of their name.

Imam Nawawi was born in 631 Hijri in the month of Muharram and was educated by his father to read the Koran even before he entered the age of baligh. In some histories it is mentioned that Imam Al-Nawawi's childhood is different from that of small children in general. If usually small children like to play, this is not the case with Imam Nawawi.

Since childhood Imam Nawawi tends to prefer to spend his time reading the Koran rather than playing with his peers. That also makes his memory very strong and sharp and goes beyond the strength of the memories of those who lived at that time.

He was nicknamed Muhyiddin, which means people who revive religion even though Imam Nawawi himself hates this nickname because he is a person who is tawadhu. In addition to writing books about the hadith, Imam Nawawi also wrote several other books about related to the field of jurisprudence, language and morals.

As a human being, Imam Nawawi did not escape mistakes. The scientific research committee and royal fatwa of Saudi Arabia have determined that there are some errors in the book written by Imam Nawawi specifically related to the aqeedah and the attributes of Allah. However, the books of his work are still recommended to be read by maintaining caution against mistakes.

Imam Nawawi died in 676 Hijriah at the age of 45 years.

Ustad Abdul Somad once discussed the full biography of Imam Nawawi in the preamble to a routine study of the discussion of the book Arba'in An-Nawawi in the Great Mosque of Senapelan, Pekan Baru. Check out the full video.

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