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Deddy Corbuzier is a Moslem - The news about Deddy Corbuzier's Islamic religion suddenly became viral since Deddy Corbuzier expressed his intention to become a convert. Since his debut as a magician, Deddy Corbuzier is known as a devout Catholic. His intention to become a convert to Islam began to be seen since actively studying Islam since 8 months ago.

Deddy Corbuzier, who oversees the Black and White inspirational program, often brings Ustads and conducts dialogues and frequently asked questions about religious and national issues. There was also one cleric who later became his spiritual teacher Gus Miftah. Through Gus Miftah, Deddy Corbuzier was interested in studying Islam further and expressed his desire to embrace Islam.

Deddy Corbuzier is a Muslim

Deddy Corbuzier is rumored to be saying two sentences of shahada on Friday, June 21, 2019 at the Islamic Boarding School which is led by Gus Miftah. Initially this moment will be carried out by Deddy Corbuzier in the Black and White event but is prohibited by the KPI because it contains racist content that can cause conflict.

In proceedings towards converts, Gus Miftah admitted that it was not easy for him to answer all of Deddy Corbuzier's questions related to Islam. Moreover, Deddy Corbuzier is known to be very intelligent, critical and always asks for answers that can be accepted by common sense.

Gus Miftah also said if he always tried to find answers that were in accordance with reason to answer various kinds of questions from Deddy Corbuzier related to Islam.

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