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Deddy Corbuzier Before And After - Deddy Corbuzier, a man born in Jakarta, December 28, 1976 who has a full name Deodatus Andreas Deddy Cahyadi Sunjoyo is a mentalist who is very popular in Indonesia. He studied magic and illusion techniques since childhood and has received many international famous magician awards such as the Merlin Award.

Deddy Corbuzier pioneered his career by becoming a magician in several segments of events on RCTI. One of its phenomenal unique actions is bending a spoon and repairing a broken watch for audiences throughout Indonesia. Deddy Corbuzier has also hosted The Master event which is a special talent search for people who are in the magic field.

Deddy Corbuzier retired from the magican world in 2010. He later debuted as a presenter of the Black and White inspiring program. Through the event, Deddy Corbuzier further strengthened his name as number one presenter in Indonesia.

Deddy Corbuzier Previously

While still a magician and mentalist, Deddy Corbuzier has a unique makeup with long hair, and dark makeup around his eyebrows and eyes. This type of makeup is a type of makeup for one of Max Maven's international magicians.

The makeup of Max Maven inspired Deddy Corbuzier when he was still in the field of magic. Both are often called twins, although not the same.

Deddy Corbuzier Now

Since retiring from the world of magic, Deddy Corbuzier changed his total appearance to become bald bald and actively developed himself in the field of sports. Even in mid-2013, Deddy Corbuzier had popularized a health program called OCD (Obsessive Corbuzier Diet) which was a combination of regular fasting and physical exercise techniques. This technique not only successfully transformed his body into a muscular but also became popular in Indonesia.

Deddy Corbuzier married Kalina Oktarani and was blessed with a son named Azkanio Nikola Corbuzier. Unlike his father who had a career as a mentalist, Azka tended to want to have a career as a YouTube player like most millennial generation children. One of Azka's viral videos is the Story Of Broken Home Kid, which he drew himself after Deddy and Kalina's divorce at the North Jakarta District Court.

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