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Deddy Corbuzier Previously - Deddy Corbuzier, a man born in Jakarta, December 28, 1976 who has a full name Deodatus Andreas Deddy Cahyadi Sunjoyo is a mentalist who is very popular in Indonesia. He studied magic and illusion techniques since childhood and has received many international famous magician awards such as the Merlin Award.

Deddy Corbuzier pioneered his career by becoming a magician in several segments of the program on RCTI and retiring from the magican world in 2010. He then debuted as a presenter of the Black and White inspiring program. Through the event, Deddy Corbuzier further strengthened his name as number one presenter in Indonesia.

One of the characteristics of Deddy Corbuzier when he is performing a magic show which is usually juxtaposed with magic techniques or hypnosis which is underlined is the phrase "Look at My Eyes". This sentence is also sometimes used as a joke for comedians as a sign if this sentence is phenomenal in its time.

Deddy Corbuzier Previously

Deddy Corbuzier's appearance is very different from today. While still pursuing a career as a Magician, Deddy Corbuzier performed with more eccentric makeup. The long hair and black make-up that became his trademark were inspired by Max Maven, an international illusionist.

Before moving on to become a presenter, Deddy Corbuzier who was active as a magician also released several phenomenal books. Together with the young magicians who care like Bow Vernon, and Demian Aditya he had released a book called Book Of Magic which contains secrets in magic games.

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