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Deddy Corbuzier Entered Islam in Pondok Ora Aji - Deddy Corbuzier News Entering Islam has become one of the most sought-after news lately. Since the Black White presenter, who is also a former magician, expressed his intention to become a convert to his Youtube channel, many hope that this plaque-headed man will soon become a convert.

In the Black and White program several times, Deddy Corbuzier invited clerics to discuss Islamic issues. One of them is Gus Miftah, who later became his spiritual teacher. Deddy Corbuzier is planned to say two sentences of shahada guided by his spiritual teacher Gus Miftah on the program he guided, namely Black and White. When confirmed, Gus Miftah said that if there were no changes, the plan would be implemented.

Unfortunately, the plan was immediately canceled by the KPI which stated that if Deddy Corbuzier's plan in pronouncing the two sentences of the creed invites racists. So that Deddy Corbuzier canceled his intention and switched to say two sentences of the creed guided by Gus Miftah in his Islamic boarding school in Yogyakarta.

Deddy Corbuzer entered Islam at Pondok Ora Aji Milik owned by Gus Miftah

Many parties requested that the moment of Deddy Corbuzier enter Islam is not to be exaggerated. Moreover, according to Gus Miftah, there is no special preparation to guide Deddy Corbuzier to pronounce 2 sentences of creed. Everything goes on just like other converts.

However, many people are curious about this rare moment. Some are curious about Gus Miftah's Pondok Ora Aji Mji, which is said to be a witness in this moment.

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