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Deddy Corbuzier Becoming Moslem Today - Deddy Corbuzier, a man born in Jakarta, December 28, 1976 who has a full name Deodatus Andreas Deddy Cahyadi Sunjoyo is a mentalist who is very popular in Indonesia. He studied magic and illusion techniques since childhood and has received many international famous magician awards such as the Merlin Award.

Deddy Corbuzier pioneered his career by becoming a magician in several segments of the program on RCTI and retiring from the magican world in 2010. He then debuted as a presenter of the Black and White inspiring program. Through the event, Deddy Corbuzier further strengthened his name as number one presenter in Indonesia.

Deddy Corbuzier Entered Islam Today

After wrestling in the entertainment world for approximately 20 years, Deddy Corbuzier then actively studied about Islam and according to the news circulating, Deddy Corbuzier Will Enter Islam Today, Friday 21 June 2019. Deddy Corbuzier is rumored to be accompanied by Gus Miftah who became his spiritual teacher when will say the sentence shahada.

Initially, the moment will be aired on Black and White. But at the insistence of the KPI and several stakeholders related to the racist element that might arise after the broadcast, Deddy Corbuzier discouraged him from saying two sentences of creed on the Black and White program and would do so in the boarding school that was raised by Gus Miftah.

The reason Deddy Corbuzier entered Islam

Many people questioned why Deddy Corbuzier converted to Islam. Sebagin suspects if the reason for this bald-headed man entering Islam is because he is close to a woman named Sabrina Chairunisa who is Muslim.

Deddy Corbuzier himself denied that his decision to convert to Islam was only about marriage. Deddy Corbuzier's decision to embrace Islam is actually a long journey that began 8 months ago. At that time Deddy Corbuzier discussed the issue of Islam both on the Black and White program and on his youtube channel. Today many Muslims pray that Deddy Corbuzier will soon become a convert.

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