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Deddy Corbuzier convert, this is the reason why June 21 was chosen - News of Deddy Corbuzier's plan to embrace Islam became viral on the Internet. Although it has been predicted for a long time, the confusion about when the exact date of Deddy Corbuzier said the two sentences of creed provoked curiosity throughout Warganet, especially Deddy Corbuzier fans.

The preacher Gus Miftah, who is a Deddy Corbuzier spiritual teacher, was asked to become a mentor when Deddy Corbuzier moved to convert. Gus Miftah has chosen June 21, 2019 as the day Deddy Corbuzier entered the Islamic religion.

Deddy Corbuzier convert in June 21

Regarding the reason for choosing the date, Gus Miftah admitted that he was called by almost all mass media, both electronic and printed, to ask about the certainty of the date. Some also asked why the date was chosen.

Responding to this, Gus Miftah just laughed and said if the date was chosen because he only had time left on that date. And Gus Miftah asked all parties that the date was not related to anything.

Initially Deddy Corbuzier will pronounce two sentences of shahada directly on the Black and White program, but because they were rejected by the KPI, the procession will take place after the Friday Prayer on June 21, 2019 at Ora Aji Islamic Boarding School, owned by Gus Miftah, in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

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