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Deddy Corbuzier Converts Youtube Viral on the Internet - Deddy Corbuzier Converts Youtube into Viral Keywords on the Internet after word got out if Deddy Corbuzier, the presenter of Black and White who is also a former magician, expressed his intention to become a convert to his Youtube channel.

Deddy Corbuzier is planned to say two sentences of shahada guided by his spiritual teacher Gus Miftah on the program he guided, namely Black and White. When confirmed, Gus Miftah said that if there were no changes, the plan would be implemented.

Deddy Corbuzier Convert Youtube

Unfortunately, the plan was immediately canceled by the KPI which stated that if Deddy Corbuzier's plan in pronouncing the two sentences of the creed invites racists. So that Deddy Corbuzier canceled his intention and switched to say two sentences of shahada guided by Gus Miftah in his Islamic boarding school in Yogyakarta.

This immediately made the keyword Deddy Corbuzier convert Youtube viral on the internet. Many want to see the moments of Deddy's master become converts. If television and all mainstream media cannot broadcast it, then Warganet hopes that if Youtube is a neutral media and other internet video services, it can capture and spread this rare moment.

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