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Muslim Heroes: The 10 Most Famous Islamic Heroes in Islamic History - Did you know that Islamic history has recorded that there are so many Islamic heroes who have written their names in gold ink. They fight and strive in the way of Allah with drops of sweat and blood. The heroes are truly real and not just a figment in mere fiction stories.

In contrast to the expansion of previous nations such as Rome, Persia or the sadistic and cruel Mongols, the wars carried out by the Muslims in the early days of the spread of Islam generally occurred due to self-defense efforts or indeed specifically intended to fight those who had betrayed the Muslims.

In every war, Muslims have never termed it as an expansion, occupation or even military aggression. The term commonly used by Muslims in the battle for control of an area is Fatthu (Liberation). Because the main purpose is to free all the inhabitants in the region from idolatry to absolute worship of Allah Almighty.

The following are the 10 Most Famous Islamic Heroes in Islamic History:

1. Ali Bin Abi Thalib

2. Khalid Bin Walid

 3. Amr Bin Ash

4. Abu Ubaidah Bin Al Jarrah

5. Zubair Bin Awwam

6. Saad Bin Abi Waqos

7. Usamah Bin Zaid

8. Tariq bin Ziyad

9. Salahuddin Al Ayyubi

10. Muhammad Al Fatih

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