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Must Know! These are the most complete definitions of Akhlak (Morality) according to experts - As a Muslim, you must be familiar if you hear the word moral, right? The word moral is often used by someone to refer to a person's attitude and behavior and also a distinguishing attitude between good and bad according to the perspective of Islam. But what exactly is moral understanding according to experts?

Origin of Akhak (Morals)
Before discussing the question of morality, you need to know the origin of the word morals or the root of the word morals. Why is that? Because a word derived in Arabic usually has a connection with the basic language which is the root of the word. By understanding root words and their derivative forms, it will be easy for all of us to understand their meaning.

So what are the root words of the word morality?

The word akhlak comes from the word Akhlaqa which has several meanings such as a person's habits, one's temperament, one's character and one's behavior in his daily life. The word Akhlak (which has the plural form of Khuluqun) is also rooted in the root word Khalaqa which means to create.

This means that the word akhlak (character, behavior, character) has the same root word with the word Khalaqa (which is created). This is the basis of the process of formulating the meaning of moral words that are close to the real meaning.

 Morals Definition

In general, the definition of moral words according to etymology is the nature, character, and behavior of a person, including his choice in distinguishing the wrong and right things that are manifested in his daily life. The main key to understanding morals according to etymology is the nature of the person that is shown in social life and the ability to distinguish between the wrong and the right.

While the understanding of moral words according to terminology is the nature, character, and behavior of a person in living a life that every behavior is adjusted to the will and the One who created it in the world. That is, humans who have essential morals can only be called having morals when all steps of their lives are carried out in accordance with the will, and the rules set by the Creator.

Moral is a basic trait that must be possessed by you Muslims and is a characteristic that distinguishes between Muslims and other people. Because the morals of a Muslim must be in line with the wishes and rules of the Creator. In this case, the view of the good and the bad is a measure of the rule of Allah Almighty is not the desire of the heart, let alone lust.

Akhak directly in contact with character which is often interpreted as a form of good deeds between humans and one another. But once again, if the definition of character is related to the rules of good norms between humans, Akhak is more than that. Akhak includes the basic definition of character as a differentiator between what is good and what is wrong, and always in the corridor of the rules of the Most Regulating.

Morals Definition According to Experts

Departing from these definitions, the experts then try to formulate the notion of morals in accordance with the point of view, feasibility, and connectedness of moral words with other definitions and the essence of the roots of Arabic which has a broader meaning. Some moral meanings according to experts who are quite well-known in between are:

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Morals Definition According to Abu Hamid Al Ghazali

According to Imam Al Ghazali, morality is an internal trait that has existed in humans since birth and from these traits spontaneous acts will emerge which are even carried out without the need to do long thoughts. If this internal nature is destined to be good, good deeds will appear. Vice versa.

Morals Definition According to Muhammad Ali Asy Al Jurjani

According to Imam Al Jurjani, morality is a trait in humans that can distinguish between good and bad and has been embedded in human nature since birth. That is, morality is something that automatically resides in humans and from the beginning has the instinct to distinguish between good and bad.

Morals Definition According to Ahmad bin Mustafa

According to Ahmad bin Mustafa, morality is a science and virtue that exists in humans which consists of the power to think (in distinguishing between good and bad), the power to control lust (guard against evil) and the power to control anger ( not easily emotional).

Morals Definition According to Ibn Maskawaih

According to Ibnu Maskawaih, morality is a basic human nature that has been embedded in the soul since its birth and this character is able to encourage people to do all kinds of good or bad deeds without the need to think and consider too long.

In a sense, if someone has good character, he will immediately be able to do good about anything and to anyone automatically, without even having to think. In this case, it is very dangerous if someone already has bad character. Because he will also easily do bad deeds without thinking too.

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