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Must Know! This is the Complete Understanding of Muamalah According to Experts - As a Muslim, you must be familiar if you hear the word muamalah right? The word muamalah is often used by someone to refer to a sale and purchase transaction between two people that requires the existence of a correct sale and purchase agreement and all transactions are carried out in accordance with the rules and syariah-Islamic law. But what exactly is the meaning of muamalah according to experts?

The Root of the Word Muamalah

Before discussing the meaning of muamalah, you need to know the origin of the word muamalah or
the root of the word muamalah. Why is that? Because a word derived in Arabic usually has a connection with the basic language which is the root of the word. By understanding root words and their derivative forms, it will be easy for all of us to understand their meaning.

So what is the root word for the word Muamalah?

The word Muamalah comes from the word aamala which has several meanings such as the treatment, actions, or actions of someone against others, and also a relationship of interests between one person and another. This word is an active verb that requires a minimum of two interacting actors.

The definition of Muamalah is

In general, the understanding of the word muamalah according to etymology is an act involving a minimum of two people which results in the existence of rights and obligations between the two. Muamalah as a social relationship in the community includes various kinds of aspects starting from the political, economic and social aspects which as a whole are within the framework of rules and Islamic law.

While specifically, the fiqh scholars interpret if muamalah is a law that occurs between two or more people related to worldly affairs, more specifically those relating to business transactions or accounts payable. Muamalah is seen as a provision of Islamic law that must be enforced for every activity or action that occurs at a certain place and time.

Muamalah Scope

The scholars divide the scope of muamalah into two, namely from the aspects of adabiyah and madaniyah. This is intended to make it easier to understand the use of the term muamalah, including taking the law and the arguments related to cases that might occur related to muamalah activities.

Muamalah in terms of the aspects of adabiyah means that all muamalah activities are related to human social interactions related to manners and morals. For example, how adab respects friends, how courtesy is, how manners maintain honesty with the mandate given and so on.

While muamalah in terms of adab madaniyah is all muamalah activities related to human social interaction related to material things such as halal, haram, and syubhat. All business activities commonly carried out by humans can be seen as muamalah activities in terms of adab madaniyah.

Understanding Muamalah According to Experts

Departing from the definition, the experts then try to formulate the understanding of muamalah according to the point of view, feasibility, and connectedness of the word muamalah with other definitions and the essence of the root of Arabic which has a broader meaning. Some understanding of muamalah according to experts who are quite well-known in between are:

Muamalah Definitions According to Louis Ma'luf

According to Louis Ma'luf, muamalah is a law or syar'i law that deals with all world affairs such as buying and selling transactions, trade, debt and so on which are common in human life.

Muamalah Definitions According to Ahmad Ibrahim Bek

According to Ahmad Ibrahim Bek, muamalah are regulations relating to all activities in worldly affairs, especially those relating to material such as trade, buying and selling and accounts payable, as well as non-material things such as marriage, witnesses, justice.

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