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Official! Today Deddy Corbuzier is a Muslim - After a long journey, Today Deddy Corbuzier is a Muslim after saying two sentences of creed in a boarding school belonging to Gus Miftah, his spiritual teacher. Deddy Corbuzier has the full name Deodatus Andreas Deddy Cahyadi Sunjoyo. The man born in Jakarta, December 28, 1976 is a mentalist who is very popular in Indonesia. He studied magic and illusion techniques since childhood and has received many international famous magician awards such as the Merlin Award.

Deddy Corbuzier pioneered his career by becoming a magician in several segments of the program on RCTI and retiring from the magican world in 2010. He then debuted as a presenter of the Black and White inspiring program. Through the event, Deddy Corbuzier further strengthened his name as number one presenter in Indonesia.

Deddy Corbuzier What is his religion

Deddy Corbuzier was born in a multi-religion family. This means that for a long time the big family of Deddy Corbuzier lived by studying many religions. The majority religion he adopted before becoming a convert was Catholic. Hidayah Allah Almighty came to him through a long journey and today Deddy Corbuzier is officially Muslim.

After Deddy Corbuzier entered Islam, many asked what was the reason Deddy Corbuzier entered Islam. Deddy Corbuzier revealed that the beginning of his interest in Islam began two years ago. And as a sign, the Black and White program hosted by Deddy Corbuzier has very often brought dialogue with the religious teachers.

Deddy Corbuzier dismissed if the reason for entering Islam was because of women. Especially regarding Azka, the only son of his puppet, Deddy Corbuzier's choice to change religion was not very much a problem. Because Azka is used to living in a different religious environment, considering that Deddy Corbuzier's ex-wife is Muslim.

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