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Must Know! This is the Definition of Complete Cupping According to Experts - As a Muslim, you must be familiar if you hear the word cupping right? The word cupping is often used by someone to refer to alternative medicine by removing thick blood containing toxins from the body. The technique is to make a vacuum on certain areas of the skin, then draw blood from within the area of ​​the skin. Cupping practice is one of the recommended treatment techniques in Islam. For more details, let's look further at the notion of cupping according to experts.

Root of the word cupping
Before discussing the notion of cupping, you need to know the origin of the word cupping or the root of the word cupping. Cupping is the Indonesian equivalent of Al-Hijamah in Arabic. In English, this method of treatment is called blood cupping, while in Mandarin known as Pa Hou Kuan.

Understanding cupping roots also gives us knowledge if the practice of cupping as an alternative method has been known for a long time. Even history records if this method has been found since the days of Ancient Egypt, from Babylon to Persia. At the time of Rasulullullah Shallaalaahu Alaihi Wassalam, the practice of cupping is carried out using buffalo or cow horns, so cupping is sometimes also called horn care.

Understanding Cupping Is
In general, the definition of the word cupping is an alternative treatment method that is carried out by removing dirty blood in the body out. The tool used to suck dirty blood out is a cup or cup shaped device. The form of these tools that make cupping have many names in various countries.

Cupping Types
In general, there are two types of cupping methods that are commonly used, namely dry cupping and wet cupping. Both types of cupping have different techniques in their application.

1. Dry Cupping

In applying the cupping cup, the cup or cup that will be used is first heated before being placed on the problematic skin. There are many ways to warm the saucer and usually include herbal ingredients into the cup. When the fire is dead, the cup will be placed on the skin and left to stick for a while until the skin becomes red and sticks up in the shape of a large lump.

After a while, the area around the cup will be given massage oil or cream and slowly, the cup will be opened from the attached skin. In practice, a patient can get three to seven bowls in one therapy.

2. Wet Cupping

In a more modern method, wet cupping is carried out using silicone cup aids and rubber pumps. In this technique, after a dry cupping, a small incision is made on the cupping skin and a dirty blood suction is performed. The blood that comes out during this process is believed to be dirty blood and after that the patient will be given an antibiotic ointment and a bandage to prevent wound infection.

Benefits of Cupping

As one of the alternative medicine methods that have been carried out for thousands of years and experienced a variety of innovations, cupping has various benefits including:

1. Able to treat high blood pressure

2. Able to relieve migraines

3. Able to treat symptoms of blood disorders

4. Able to improve fertility and uterine disorders

5. Can eliminate acne and treat eczema

6. Able to repair airway obstruction

Understanding Cupping According to Experts

Some notions of cupping according to experts are quite well known, along with the properties in between are:

Understanding Cupping According to Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

According to Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid, cupping is one of the methods of treatment exemplified by Rasulullullah Shallaallaahu Alaihi Wassalam besides drinking honey. The main technique used in cupping is to suck dirty blood out.

Understanding Cupping According to Ge Hong

According to Ge Hong, cupping is a treatment technique that can balance yin and yang, or positive and negative conditions in the body.

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