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Muslim Show - The Companions

In this life, we will usually meet two types of humans. There is one person who gives a burden, and there is one who tries to reduce the burden. Simple but the meaning is very deep right?

The first human is a selfish person who always adds burden to our backs. This type of person usually has a sweet mouth and always gives misleading praise. In the end, he actually makes us difficult by adding the burden of life to our difficult lives. Concrete example: A friend who has money not said, helps directly from the wallet even though we also need it again.

While the second human is a human who always tries to reduce the burden on our back. This type of person is a rare type of human that needs to be preserved. If you become friends, then this person is someone we can rely on. He will be a person who really understands the weight of a burden. And he will always try to find ways to help, help and reduce our burdens.

Be careful when choosing friends. Choose friends who can help you navigate the difficulties of life not only in the world, but also in the hereafter.

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