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Moslem Knowledge - Sharia Definition - Sharia [Arabic: الشريعة] in language means the road to get to the water source. (Oral Al-Arab, 8/175). In language, the word Shari'a is also used to refer to madzhab or religious teachings. (Tafsir Al-Qurthubi, 16/163).

Or in more concise words, sharia means rules and laws.

The rules are called Shari'a, because they are very clear, and collect a lot of things. (Al-Misbah Al-Munir, 1/310). There are also those who say, this rule is called sharia, because it is a source that many people come to get it.

However, in its development, the term sharia is more familiar to refer to Islamic rules.

In terms, Islamic Sharia is all the rules that Allah has sent down for His servants, both related to matters of aqidah, worship, muamalah, manners, and morals. Both related to the creature's relationship with God, and the relationship between fellow creatures. (Date of Tasyri 'Al-Islami, Manna' Qathan, p. 13).

Allah says,

ثُمَّ جَعَلْنَاكَ عَلَى شَرِيعَةٍ مِنَ الْأَمْرِ فَاتَّبِعْهَا

"Then I make you above a Shari'a (rule) of affairs (that religion), then follow that Shari'a ..." (Surah Al-Jatsiyah: 18)

The meaning of the verse,

"I make you on a clear manhaj (way of life) in religious matters, which will lead you to the truth." (Tafsir Al-Qurthubi, 16/163).

Details of Shari'a of the Prophets are Different

Allah confirms in the Koran,

لِكُلٍّ جَعَلْنَا مِنْكُمْ شِرْعَةً وَمِنْهَاجًا

For each of you, we give clear rules and paths. (Surat al-Maidah: 48)

The details of the Shari'a that Allah sent down, vary from one community to another, adjusted to the difference in time and circumstances of each people. And all these Shari'a were fair when he was demoted. However, the principle part of the Shari'a does not differ between one people of one prophet and another of the prophets.

(Interpretation of As-Sa'di, p. 234)

Privileges of Islamic Sharia
1. Sourced from the Creator, Lord of the Worlds. So that is absolutely correct

2. Guard against change, because God is guarding its source

3. Covers all aspects of life

4. Be a fair decision for every case of human dispute

5. Worth applying in every era and place.

The information above, regardless of the pros and cons of humans against the rules that God sent down. And in life there must be rules. It could be in line, it could collide. Between the Shari'a of God and the Shari'a of human lust.

People who are not currently following the Shari'a of God, means he is following the Shari'a lust. Because life will never be free from rules and sharia, and all will be accounted for. Just one question, where do we want to choose?

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