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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Respecting your privacy as a visitor is our obligation. All information we receive and collect when you visit will never be given to third parties.

About user tracking tracks web visitors based on IP Address, Device Data, Length of Visit, and User Behavior such as the browser used, time of visit and which pages are opened including tracking keywords. The data will be used for analysis, and site development in the future. We guarantee that no other data or information is collected other than the data above.

About Email collects email addresses sent by visitors either through the form or at the time of free e-book request registration. The e-mail address is sent by visitors by the visitors themselves without any coercion or modification of the script on the web. Visitors have the right not to send email addresses and also have the right to unsubscribe from notifications. We will not publish emails sent by users to the public.

About cookies

Our site uses cookies to store information, such as information about your personal preferences when visiting our site. This can be used to display a pop-up window for your first visit, or also to store your login information on our site.

In terms of advertising, also uses advertisements from third parties to support our site. Some publishers of these advertisements may also use cookies. Information obtained such as IP (Internet Protocol) address, ISP (Internet service provider), Internet browser you use and others will be sent to advertisers (such as Google through the AdSense program). This is usually used to maximize the targeted advertising targeted at the right visitors.

You can choose to disable cookies through your browser settings, or by setting up programs such as Norton Internet Security or others. However, this can affect your experience in interacting with our site, including perhaps other services we have.

About Child Protection

Kaffahna has never taken any information about users under the age of 13 years without the permission of the child caregiver. All content contained in is Islamic content that is information, tutorial and education that can be read by all ages. Kaffahna will not post articles or tutorials that are not in accordance with the main objectives of the web, pornographic articles, and other types of articles that violate government and religious norms and rules.

Kaffahna Content

Kaffahna contains content that discusses aqeedah, sharia and muamalah as well as various other Islamic content concerning history, Islamic stories and prayer guides and various articles of herbal medicine.

Content Policy

Kaffahna content consists of text articles, photo articles, video articles and more. Some of the content was developed by the Kaffahna team, while others contained special links to articles / tutorial videos made by third parties. You are allowed to copy-paste all of our articles while still providing a link to the intended article link.

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